Inside a Hamptons Sex Party for the Elite

It was a warm, late June evening in the Hamptons, sky turning pink and orange at the horizon, and I was at that moment sitting in white La Perla underwear in an outdoor Jacuzzi with my friend Carol and three couples whom we had met hours earlier. The topic then eliciting much concern in the hot tub: that nobody was having sex at the sex party. We’d been at the party, run by the London-based company Killing Kittens, which boasts its members-only events are for “the world’s sexual elite,” for going on five hours. More than just a host of sex parties, Killing Kittens calls itself “a movement and community whose sole aim is the unwavering pursuit of female sexual pleasure. On this particular Saturday night, Killing Kittens, which last year expanded to New York and Toronto, was making its grand Hamptons debut. But so far, nobody seemed to be pursuing any female sexual pleasure, unwaveringly or otherwise.

No Instagram, Lots of Wet Wipes: London’s New Wave of Chic Sex Clubs

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When I first found out the European sex club Killing Kittens was an “elite sex party,” one of the first to be hosted by Killing Kittens on American soil. silver suit and his date, whom he said was Mexican and only 21 years old.

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What it’s like to be in an exclusive female-centred sex party club

Emma Sayle owns the Killing Kittens members-only sex club. When it emerged that a Tory strategist led a double life as the organiser of upmarket sex parties, it caused members of polite society to choke on their gin and tonics. But now, Dougie Smith, an adviser and speech-writer to senior MPs — has moved on to business pastures new, and his louche mantle has been picked up by another member of the Establishment. Her role in the sordid world of swingers will no doubt come as a surprise to her more strait-laced friends and family.

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Emma Sayle is the founder of Killing Kittens, a members-only club that hosts female-oriented sex parties in London, Manchester and Los Angeles. Previously, in , she founded The Sisterhood, a charity fundraising rowing group that briefly counted Kate Middleton as a member. She lives in London with her partner and is expecting their first baby.

Killing Kittens’ tagline is “the network for the sexual elite”. How do you screen prospective members? It’s not a case of a huge application form, but we do ask for photos. We’re not expecting supermodels, just attractive people who take care of themselves, know what they want and are hedonistic. Killing Kittens — what does that mean? It’s cyber-slang — every time someone masturbates, God kills a kitten. It’s about pleasuring yourself, so it fits quite nicely with our brand.

Your club is unapologetically about “the pursuit of female pleasure”, according to your website…. Ten years in an all-girls school certainly teaches you that anything men can do, we can do too.

Kate Middleton’s sex club-founding friend dishes on the wildest Killing Kittens parties

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We’re changing the way that people think about sex and dating. We invite you to discover a world where women come first; where sexy is not a shape, it’s a.

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Maya Jama takes savage swipe at nasty troll while parading curves in racy attire

It’s notorious and exclusive. It’s hedonistic and secretive. It’s supposed to provide attendees with a “safe but sexually-charged space” to engage in their fantasies.

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It started the way these sorts of fantasies do: innocently enough,or at least with a certain naivete. Just like us! I began imagining all sorts of things. Masked politicians and their tall brunette dates. A flock of models, male and female, shyly touching on MDMA, a cloud of gently pulsing bodies, fingers outstretched beckoning me to join. A few gloating hours passed before I realized that I should probably ask my boyfriend if he wanted to come.

We were six months in and recently exclusive… which was my idea. But to explain the slow party invitation, I was new to monogamy… having just left an open marriage. There were strict party guidelines: no phones, masks are mandatory. Men are not allowed to enter without a date. Men can not approach women or generally speak unless spoken to. Maybe we would have a threesome. We would fuck each other in front of everyone… then fall into a pile of bodies, reaching such a height of ecstasy that we no longer knew who was touching us or where.

Inside, the attendees, sport-coat clad fraternity alumni and their female counterparts, stand around fussing with their masks, taking them off and putting them back on.

How Australians perform at Killing Kittens’ female-focused sex parties

By Dana Schuster. Four of us crammed into a teeny, tiny elevator. A tall, handsome, besuited man with wavy dark locks and a something Asian girl I presumed to be his girlfriend smiled at my male friend and me. We were on our way up to the sold-out Killing Kittens sex party.

Killing Kittens’ sex parties for “the world’s sexual elite” have hit its online dating site and creating an app, but not something like Tinder.

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The Rules have changed

My Saturday night began with me trying, and failing, to work my magic on a number of beauties at a high-brow sex party. Under the circumstances, any normal person would have exited prematurely with their dignity still intact — but giving up never was part of my character. I’d roped in a female friend who was up for the party, agreeing that once inside we would go our separate ways. After popping into a nearby bar to knock back a couple of beverages for Dutch courage, we decide to make our way to the party.

We get off somewhere near the top of the luxury penthouse and are greeted by a rather burly looking doorman, accompanied by Jordie, the Killing Kittens North Hostess.

The Killing Kittens sex party club pride themselves on a ‘safe yet sexually-​charged environment to explore their innermost fantasies and.

From the very dawn of the world wide web, the internet has been used for sex – and not just the pornographic kind. Whether lusting after a one-night stand or looking for true love, it didn’t take long for people to cotton onto the concept of going online to arrange offline liaisons. But lately, with adultery-arranging site Ashley Madison hacked and ‘swipe-right-to-like’ app Tinder accused of commoditising dating, companies in the business of arranging encounters have been thrust, excuse the pun, into the spotlight.

Is the industry facing a backlash of inch proportions or merely ripples of discomfort from society getting used to more liberal ways of living? It’s mid-afternoon on a Friday and a dozen or so people are active on Heaven Social, the decidedly retro think Facebook’s first iteration social network of Heaven Circle, a two-and-a-half-year-old company that throws ‘elite’ sex parties. A couple of chat boxes pop up. Wearing a mask and brandishing a plastic sword as a fancy-dress assassin. I explain I’m a journalist.

They admit to being disappointed in their search for a bisexual woman to ‘play with’.

Exclusive sex club returns to Ireland for another swingers party in country house

The Killing Kittens sex party club pride themselves on a ‘safe yet sexually-charged environment to explore their innermost fantasies and deepest sexual desires’. By Video Desk. Bradford: Man dies after roof of house collapses.

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Dine with founder of Killing Kittens at Sex Tech dinner: succeeding in the adult industry

I was ready to explode with longing. Photo: iStock Source:Whimn. My old self would have likened my sexuality to that of an old school Britney Spears music video; a tease of sorts but deep down relatively subdued. For a very long time, I was in a relationship with the only man I had ever slept with. When that romance ended , I set sail to explore the sea of men that I hoped would flood my way. But despite me being ready to really put myself out there sexually, my life between the sheets remained depressingly tame.

Emma Sayle owns the Killing Kittens members-only sex club 17 February Emma, who is dating a hunky Australian, tells me, without a hint of irony, that That Emma Sayle organises elite sex parties might raise a few.

If you’ve received an invite, it will be linked to the email address the invite was sent to. Please make sure you click through from your invite or that the email address on your TableCrowd account matches. Any problems, you can each us at hello tablecrowd. Founder Property Technology Ltd. Started by: Table Crowd. Now in 3 continents and with their offering extended way beyond just sex parties, they have over 80, members, including MPs and celebs.

Emma will be sharing her story over dinner. This dinner is perfect for… CEOs, founders and those working in the adult and sex tech industries. Who is Emma Sayle? Emma Sayle is an entrepreneur and published author. She recently sold the rights for her book to be turned into a TV series. The popular press have pronounced her a leader at the cutting edge of the new dawn of female sexual liberation.

She has appeared in national and international media from TV shows to broadsheets to radio debates and corporate talks.

Kurious Kittens