The Anker Soundcore Life P2 true wireless earbuds sport a comfy design, strong Bluetooth performance, decent audio chops and enough quality-of-life features to make a good first impression. Make no mistake: these are great buds for commuters. In , when Apple became the first manufacturer to drop the 3. The first-generation Apple Airpods , released in the same year, were to be the first of a wave of new true wireless earbuds that would transform hearables forever. Chinese manufacturer Anker is one of the more recent players to throw its hat into the ring. With established name recognition, through its popular Soundcore speakers and batteries, Anker has a cachet that many others do not. But whatever the Soundcore Life P2 earbuds lack in originality, they make up for with comfort and utility. Each of the earbuds is feather-light and has a reassuringly snug fit, helped by the inclusion of several silicon tips in different sizes. It houses a large battery which, with combined charging and usage on the go, enables up to 40 hours of use away from the charger. While using the buds for a standard commute across one week, we found that we never needed to recharge the case itself, having more than enough juice to top-up the buds every couple of days.

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Losing your licence or permit

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He and his firm were a saving grace for me in a time when I needed it most. Aurhett provides excellent legal advice like everyone at Armstong Legal but he also was a great personal support; When doubt crept into my mind about my case he was easily a phone call or an email away to reassure me that we were doing the best that we can. I personally wish to thank Armstrong Legal and their team for their efforts. A licence suspension can take a toll on the whole family, even where only months before parents would spend their evenings and weekends driving their teenage children to and from school, sports and social engagements.

The RMS have several powers to suspend a provisional drivers licence.

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P1, P2 and Learner Licence Suspensions – For Offenders and Parents

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P2 Last Forever 110 Dating Time

Gaining your full licence is easy if you obey the road rules however, if you commit offences or get disqualified, things can become more complicated and obtaining your full licence can be delayed. If you are disqualified from driving you may also have your licence or permit cancelled. Disqualification means you are disqualified from holding or obtaining a licence or permit for a period of time.

Cancellation of a licence or a permit is an additional penalty to disqualification and means that, at the end of the disqualification period, you must apply for a new licence or permit. The Motor Vehicles Regulations specifically exclude a refund on the unused portion, as it is part of the penalty. The following is intended as a brief overview of what happens if you commit offences or are disqualified on your learner’s permit or provisional licence.

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